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Qualified* potential clients can now try out the Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper for five days for FREE with up to 20 managed IP based subscribers.

REQUIRED: You'll need to have your own Mikrotik router available during your evaluation. If you don't currently have a Mikrotik router then we'd recommend starting out with an RB750GL, which should easily handle a class C configuration. The suggested retail price is only $59.95 US. (http://routerboard.com/RB750GL)

Upon qualification we'll provide your organization with its own cloud based DBS server instance for five days, along with the DBS User Guide in the PDF format. Note: Moving forward, the “Stand-by” bandwidth management option is now included with all evaluations.

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* Qualified potential clients include but are not limited to ISPs, WISPs, and hospitality organizations like at hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, RV parks, malls, plazas, libraries, universities, and airports. Contact, company, and business type must be verified by our staff. Please note that all evaluation server instances are physically located on the east coast of the US. We reserve the right to refuse this free evaluation to anyone.

... the Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper is killing it for us. Over the Easter weekend we had 18 guests in one RV park land in the “penalty box” before the 24 hour period was up. Without the DBS the Metro Wi-fi would have been impacted by those people who overuse the service ...

River District Manager, Swift Wireless


“Automatically manage open Wi-Fi traffic 24/7”


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