Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper for ISPs, the Hospitality Industry, and Education

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Features & Benefits
... Reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and realize new revenue opportunities.
Features Benefits
Statistics based dynamic bandwidth management Once configured, the system runs itself. Thus, no user intervention is required, freeing valuable resources for other things.
Internet cloud-based A highly scalable / available enterprise class solution for ISPs that constantly manages your network.
Web-based user interface Manage and monitor your network from anywhere.
Support for any number of subscribers on any number of managed Mikrotik routers. A single point of contact for all bandwidth management functions and statistical reporting.

Once routers are configured and added to the DBS system, there is no need to manually make changes to a router for subscriber bandwidth management functions.
Bandwidth shaping by unique IP address ISPs can achieve new levels of profitability while selling various levels service demanded by the free market while achieving high subscriber satisfaction.
“Stand-by” option Add even more to the bottom line by monetizing unused bandwidth when available by up-selling “Stand-by” bandwidth to subscribers that are willing to pay for it.
Subscriber based bandwidth shaping Compatible with Net-Neutrality since Internet traffic is not discriminated against by protocol.
Bandwidth usage graphs are made available directly to subscribers. Reduce technical support calls by giving your subscribers the ability to monitor their own traffic statistics.

... everyone is enjoying high speed access, whereas before the DBS was doing its thing, bandwidth was completely consumed by a handful of people and the experience was lousy for everyone ... The majority wins, the ISP makes money and the handful of bandwidth hogs are dealt with.

River District Manager, Swift Wireless

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