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RV Park Case Study
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Site: Remote location along the Colorado River with 181 RV spaces.
Objective: Provide higher bandwidth to individual guests.
Background: A local wireless Internet provider has operated an open Wi-Fi system for the park for several years. The park pays a fee for this service and charges it against their advertising budget. Free, open Internet access is advertised and helps prospective guests make a decision to stay at the park because of free Wi-Fi.

Overall bandwidth limit for the open system has been 800k and was at that limit nearly 100% of the time. On average, only one guest, using a download manager, has brought the system to a crawl for other guests. Overall experience for guests: Something is better than nothing.

Solution: With a simple addition of a Mikrotik router managed by the DBS and individual user limits set at 2 megabits download / 512 kbps upload / 75MB daily limit, the overall user experience has increased greatly and average bandwidth usage is now <200 kbps. Guests that exceed the 75MB limit are automatically throttled down to 50/50 kbps respectively.
Conclusion: You can make a lot more customers happy with less bandwidth using DBS.

... the Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper is killing it for us. Over the Easter weekend we had 18 guests in one RV park land in the “penalty box” before the 24 hour period was up. Without the DBS the Metro Wi-fi would have been impacted by those people who overuse the service ...

River District Manager, Swift Wireless

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“Reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and realize new revenue opportunities.”


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