Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper for ISPs, the Hospitality Industry, and Education

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The Solution - Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper
Reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and realize new revenue opportunities.

ISPs can increase profits by balancing bandwidth demands with a better overall customer experience through the adoption of the Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper (DBS) software as a service (SaaS).

The DBS provides ISPs with the capability to cost effectively deliver a variety of bandwidth service levels to their subscribers. This approach gives 90 — 95% of subscribers the best possible speed within their selected tier of service, while only penalizing the 5 — 10% that exceed their allotted bandwidth. In other words, subscribers get what they pay for, and bandwidth hogs are brought under control. With traditional bandwidth shaping queues alone all subscribers would necessarily be limited to a very low transfer rates to keep potential bandwidth hogs under control.

Since the DBS is essentially a metered service it's important for the ISP to provide their subscribers with the ability to monitor their own bandwidth consumption. To facilitate this, graphs are available for every subscriber to review their usage. ISPs can easily include links on their Fair Use Policy (FUP) page that can automatically redirect subscribers to their own bandwidth usage page.

In regard to the FCC's vision for Net-Neutrality, the DBS will pass the Net-Neutrality filter with flying colors since its approach is completely protocol agnostic and places the usage burden wholly upon your subscribers.

In summary, the DBS gives ISPs the ability to deliver IPES in a manner that is both profitable for ISPs and equitable for their subscribers.

... the Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper is killing it for us. Over the Easter weekend we had 18 guests in one RV park land in the “penalty box” before the 24 hour period was up. Without the DBS the Metro Wi-fi would have been impacted by those people who overuse the service ...

River District Manager, Swift Wireless

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“Reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and realize new revenue opportunities.”


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